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Apollo Healing Serum


Apollo is an ultra rich healing and anti aging serum that is comprised of Hyaluronic Acid and Algae Extract, Orange stem cells, White Orchid Stem Cells, Watermelon DNA Extract, Carrot stem cells, Apple Saccharides, Aloe vera extract, Argireline NP, Lemon peel extract, Palmitoyl peptide complex, Biopeptide EL, Biopeptide Cl, and Skintight C-Root(chicory root). Its 4-way stem cell team works to restore damaged skin by instructing the skin to regenerate in a different manner than it would have previously per the isolated instructions of the botanical stems cells. The watermelon extract protects skin from UV damage and related appearances of aging and makes it more resistant to future sun damage.  The serum is extremely concentrated to deliver not only the best ingredient deck that money can buy for anti-aging, but offers its user the newest sciences available to the botanical skin care market.


Apollo is a healing serum that is ultra hydrating, infused with stem cells that cause the skin to regenerate, be resistant to UV damage, induces collagen production, smoothes fines lines and wrinkles below the surface of the skin like botox. Has skin tone evening effect from Palmitoyl complex and lemon peel extract. Retinol vitamin A gives it a medical grade med spa treatment quality level for the everyday users skin regime. Total comprehensive anti- aging deck  for skin care concerns.

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