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Aion Wrinkle Reverse


Aion is a truly unique product. It performs like an airbrush instagram filter for real life. Aion’s Calcium Bentonite Clay base has its own anti-bacterial properties, reduces inflammation and redness levels in a double blind study. Chocked with collagen boosters, peptides and a 3 way botanical stem cell team, Aion is a potent anti-aging technology that instructs the skin to change its shelf life information in cellular formations. The Watermelon stem cell extract makes skin less prone to UV damage. Carrot cells regenerate damaged and fragmented cells in a collaborated relationship with its Orchid stem cell counterpart.   The effects of Aion begin immediately and are visible to the naked eye after about 30 seconds. Worn underneath make up or part of a night time wrinkle regiment, it’s one of our favorite crowd pleasers.

Benefits: Pore shrinking product that is packed with Argireline NP, a substrate of botulinum toxin( botox) Works through a unique mechanism which makes the skin looks firm and tight. Base of 100 percent pure calcium bentonite clay mixed, worked to to clear pores , fight aging and redness and increase micro circulation. Creates instagram airbrush finish in about thirty seconds, can be worn as anti ageing facial primer under make up.

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