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How to Care for your Skin During Quarantine

Posted on April 13 2020

We’ve been social distancing for a while and you’ve probably been able to give your skin a much-needed break from the stressors and damage of the daily routine. But, without regular makeup applications, removals and daily showers (we won’t tell anyone!), you might be wondering why your skin doesn't have a J-Lo level glow. 

It takes a little more than not applying makeup to get your skin back to its natural look. Lucky for you, we have a few tips to help your skin get the most out of this Coronavirus-induced solitude. 

Detox Your Skin

Since you probably have time to hit the reset button on your skincare, let’s start by getting your skin back to ground zero with a relaxing detox. Soaking in the tub with calcium bentonite clay powder is a soothing way to rid your entire body of the toxins and bacteria that can be overlooked with regular showers. Recharge, rejuvenate and alkalize your skin to give yourself a blank slate with quarantine skincare.

Exfoliate Your Face 

I know we’re all washing our hands for 20 seconds every 20 seconds, but don’t forget about that face of yours. Even though you might not be putting on makeup or even seeing the outside world, it’s important to care for your face as usual. Exfoliate your face with a scrub that uses walnut shell fragments to get a deep clean and then wash daily using a cleanser with a hydrating formula. 

Eat Well 

We all know what foods make our skin breakout or make us feel a little puffy. Unfortunately, sitting so close to the pantry all day makes it harder to avoid those foods. Just remember that no amount of exfoliating, detoxing and scrubbing can compete with your body’s natural chemistry. So, do your best to keep a healthy diet and next time you are brave enough to go to the grocery store, pick up some foods that are good for your skin.  

Facial Masks 

Your friends are probably posting pictures of their faces in facials masks, right? So, why haven’t you done it yet?! The facial... not the posting. If you don’t have a video conference, you can apply a healing facial mask to give your mug that deep clean it needs. It’s a great way to promote microcirculation to give your face a luminescent glow. Plus... it makes for great pictures to post! 

Cold Showers 

Those long hot showers might feel great for the soul, but they are treacherous on the skin. We’re not suggesting you turn down the temperature every time, but consider a brief, occasional icy shower. If you still need convincing, consider the benefits. When the cold water hits your skin, your pores immediately tighten, helping reduce redness and puffiness. Your body also increases blood flow to warm itself which helps give your skin a warm, even glow. Next time you’re in the shower, right before you get out, turn down the temperature for about 60 seconds. You can thank us later. 

Coronavirus has given us more time than we know what to do with. So, why not use some of that time to treat yourself to healthy skin. Your hair might be a mess when this is all over, but you can emerge from lockdown with great skin and an amazing shine!