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8 Springtime Skincare Tips

Posted on March 24 2020

Springtime is back! In addition to cleaning out your home, it’s a great time to refresh your skincare routine. Now that flowers and sun and long days are coming back, here are a few tips to help you update your skincare process to keep you glowing all spring and all summer.


With cold, dry air beating on your skin all winter long, you probably need to get rid of some flaky, dead skin. So, kick off your skin’s spring cleaning with exfoliation to help shed those winter scales. Look for an exfoliator with walnut shells because they help polish away dead skin and reveal a shiny, even new layer of skin.

Try a serum

If you haven’t tried a serum yet, what are you waiting for?! Updating your skincare routine is a perfect time to introduce this light, skin-tightening product to your daily and weekly processes. Apply a light layer to your face before using moisturizer to increase your face’s hydration and firmness.

Use a lighter moisturizer

If you’ve been slathering thick moisturizers all winter, Spring is the perfect time to ditch that paste in favor of a lighter version. Look for a hyaluronic acid-based cream to allow your skin to hold more water without applying so heavily.

Drink more water

You hear this over and over because it’s true. Hydration allows your body’s organs to function properly, and what is your body’s largest organ? Your skin! Water also gives kidneys the fluid it needs to flush out toxins, giving your skin a clearer appearance.

Treat your feet

Warm weather means sandals! Are your feet and toes ready to be exposed to the world? Get your feet in open-toe shape with these easy steps: 1. Use exfoliating cream on your feet daily. This helps keep dead skin away, so you don’t have to worry about unsightly buildup. 2. Soak your feet weekly. Adding calcium bentonite powder to your foot bath helps detox your feet and remove odor-causing bacteria.


If you haven’t already started working on your summer body, starting now will not only get you in better shape, but the increase in blood flow will help maintain healthy skin cells. Even if you don’t want to hit the gym, the weather is about to be perfect for regular walks. You can even sign up for that co-ed kickball league you’ve been thinking about. Do whatever it takes to get yourself moving. Your skin will thank you.

Replace old makeup

The expiration date may not be approaching, but after about six months, bacteria start to build up on makeup and we all know what bacteria does to our skin. Replace those old kits with newer ones and clean off your applications brushes. It might feel like throwing money in the trash can, but you might be saving money in the long run by not giving yourself long-term, bacterial problems.

Protect your skin

The best part of Spring is the sun! But increased and intense exposure can lead to burned and wrinkled skin. Switching to body cream with calcium bentonite can give your skin extra protection against UV rays. You can even give yourself a weekly at-home facial with a calcium bentonite-based mask to build up your defenses against the harmful effects of that lovely sunshine.